North Pole Adventures

Hot air balloon fiesta in the North Pole

North Pole Hot Air Balloon FiestaIn 1897 Solomon Andree reached the North Pole by a balloon.

In 1997 the first hot air balloon fiesta was held in the North Pole to commemorate the 100-th anniversary of the event.

Since then every April the most courageous ballooning teams come to the North Pole to fill their balloons with a hot air and to soar high in the sky over the very top of the planet.

North Pole Hot Air Balloon FiestaRead the main program of visiting of the North Pole. It fully applies to you plus some days of waiting for a good weather in the ice base and a flight over the Pole, of course!

Important! We'd like to draw attention of potential sponsors. This program is the most attractive for publicity and advertising. Your logo attached to a hot air balloon that is anchored by the terrestrial axis! It is something really out of the ordinary!