North Pole Adventures

Questions and answers about North Pole expeditions

It is my cherished dream to go to the North Pole but I don't have so much money. What should I do?
The most common way to get to the Pole free of charge is to find for us several clients who can afford paying full price. So if you act as our agent either privately or as a travel agency you may go free if you find at least 10 customers.
Perhaps, there is someone who can sponsor your trip for making a promotional video or photo materials. There are no fixed prices for this. The decision is to be taken individually.
In general, the idea is standard - in order to get something you should give something first. Please, contact us if any ideas occur to you concerning our possible cooperation.

How often do the North Pole expeditions take place?
Once a year in mid-April. This is the only season when tourist operations are possible in Arctica. All other time makes trips to the North Pole too risky due to weather conditions.

How many people usually take part?
Minimum 13 people in 1991 - maximum 500 in 1995. Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver up to 1,000 persons to the North pole and back during two weeks every April.

What is the age of the participants?
The age doesn't matter. No limitations by age or health. Our youngest polar "explorer" was just 10 years old; the oldest was aged 90.

What should I put on to survive the trip to the Pole?
You won't be exposed to extreme cold and wind for a long time if you take part in any of the North Pole programs (except for the ski trips). There will be always a tent or helicopter close at hand to take shelter in from the adverse weather.
Anyway you should be properly dressed to be comfortable outdoors.
1. We recommend SOREL high waterproof boots consisting of two inner and one outer layers. Rated to -70 C. There has not been a chance yet to test the boots at such a low temperature but at -40 C your feet are absolutely warm.
2. We do not recommend overalls. Preferably two piece outer warm suit: breathable windproof parka with hood and breathable windproof pants. In this case you can always take your parka off when you find yourself in warm premises.
3. The best protection for your hands is warm gloves + mittens. Mittens are worn over gloves. Please fit them on before buying.
4. Your polartex tracksuit will allow you to look decent when you take your outer suit off.
5. In view of the above there are no special requirements to underwear. It should be warm, comfortable. Your movements should not be hampered by any piece of your clothing.
6. You may need a fleece sports cap that you put on under your hood or cover your head when you are in a helicopter or in a tent.
7. Your sunglasses will get misted and their metal rim will freeze the bridge of your nose but bright sunshine and white snow will make you screw your eyes. So you'd better have one to be on the safe side.
Now that you fit your polar gear on think in advance where you will put (or hook) your mittens to when you take them off, where you will place your cameras to to keep the battaries warm. Cold lowers battery life. Check if a chocolate bar melts in your pocket.
Many of our guests bring excessive luggage with them. Some of their bags return home unpacked. Do not take anything if you really do not need it! Do not forget small things like toothpicks and handkerchiefs. The nearest shop is many thousand miles away from the North Pole and there are no daily flights.
In the meantime we wish you a pleasant preparation for this extremely special trip and we hope to share with you the experience of being together on the Top of the World!

Shall I be issued a certificate confirming my reaching the North Pole?
Of course you shall. On return from the Pole a festive party will be arranged in Khatanga. The party starts with a solemn ceremony of handing special certificates confirming your conquering the North Pole. You'll be also gifted with North Pole badges and T-shirts.

Will my mobile phone be operational in Khatanga and in the North Pole?
If you have international roaming, you can easily use your mobile in Russia mainland, but unfortunately not in the North Pole. Too far away from the nearest base station. But you can use satellite phones there, Iridium or Inmarsat.

I have an idea of arranging an offbeat event in the North Pole. There are people and sponsors. What should I do and how shall I benefit from my idea?
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