North Pole Adventures

Ice sculptures festival in the North Pole

Ice sculptures festival in the North PoleThe North Pole is surely the best place on the Eearth for ice sculptors. The nature itself has stockpiled unlimited amount of blue ice and white snow here. Moreover the ice has been already broken into accurate blocks. The blocks are piled into fantastically shaped ice walls. The snow is compact and seems to be waiting for a sculptor's chisel.

You will stay 3-7 days in the North Pole being accommodated in a warm tent. We deem it's enough to turn a small piece of infinite white desert into a fairy land.

On the middle of April, we leave Moscow in the evening hoping to get to the planet's top in the evening of the next day. To tell the truth the notion "evening" is very relative in our case. Firstly, it is the polar day in the Pole. The sun does not go down behind the horizon. Secondly, what time belt should we adhere to?

First of all our support group will set the camp and treat you with dinner. Then you chose a proper place for your sculpture and the support group starts getting ready ice and snow blocks.

It is advisable to finish your masterpiece after one week. In this time the next group of tourists is scheduled to arrive to admire your creation. Their photo and video cameras will immortalize your pieces of art and spread their images all over the world!

On the way back from the North Pole we'll visit the town of Khatanga where we'll ask you to create one more sculpture by joint efforts to rejoice the hearts of the locals.

We plan to be back in Moscow on April 25-28. If you wish to stay in the Russian capital we'll book a hotel for you and offer a cultural and tour program. When you are back home tell your friends about your wonderful trip. Prove your story with pictures and next year you are welcome to the North Pole with your friends.

The prices and conditions of participation in this program you can look here.