North Pole Adventures

Our partners

Arthur Chilingarov and The Association of Polar Explorers.

Polar Projects Corp. special management of the Arctic and Antarctic projects

The Khatanga Airlines

Bernard Buigues and "The Polar Circle" travel agency.

Viktor Boyarsky and Vikaar travel agency.

Vladimir Kavunenko and The Russian Corps of Rescuers.

Alexander Bakhmetiev and Krasnoyarsk civil aviation department.

Vladimir Vasuitin and The Russian Parachute Association.

Valery Kuimov and The Perm State University.

Alexander the Surgeon and Motorbike Club.

Sergei Komasko and The Intourist-Travel.

Bill Booth and Relative Workshop.

Alexei Boitzov and GEO magazine.

Curtis Lieber and North Pole Expeditions.

Max Dereta and his video and photo cameras.