North Pole Adventures

The Real Polar Pilots.

For those who can control a plane.

flight in the North Pole We have booked hotel in Moscow for you for two days in April. Our representative will be ready to meet you in Moscow international airport Sheremetievo-2 day and night. On April 16 or 25 we leave Moscow for the North in the evening.

We have worked out three routes of getting to the North Pole to be less dependent on the Arctic weather:

  • Moscow - Khatanga - the Sredny island - the ice base - the geographic point of the North Pole - and back
  • Moscow - the Sredny island - the ice base - North Pole - and back
  • Moscow - Murmansk - the ice base - North Pole - and back

flight in the North Pole It is up to us what route to take but we are prepared to consider your point of view. The most interesting option to our mind is to combine two routes: to take one on the way to the North Pole and another one on the way back.

Whatever route we take we can't miss the ice base. It is located approximately 100 km from the North Pole. We'll be flown there by an Antonov An-74 or An-26 aircraft or by a MI-26 helicopter.

It is just a half an hour flight from here to the North Pole by a MI-8 helicopter or an Antonov-2 biplane. For ordinary tourists it is the climax of their trip but you still have to fulfill your cherished dream i.e. to accomplish a round-the-world flight holding the controls of an Antonov-2 plane. It will take you only five minutes as you are already in the point where all meridians converge!

You will board the plane by groups of 10 people and taking turns occupy the first pilot chair and fly the plane around the North Pole. Everyone will make a full circle controlling the plane. Our co-pilot will be next to you ready to assist if a need arises.

flight in the North Pole After the flight when other polar pilots are entering a round-the-pole flight into their biographies you'll have time to take pictures and video of the surrounding scenery. If you forget about this you'll have to come here again next year.

Upon returning to Moscow please do not hurry home. You'll have a chance to take a ride by various types of aircraft from simple Yak-18 to supermodern MiG's and SU's fighters in airfields near Moscow. A visit to the largest outdoor aviation museum in Monino will allow you literary to touch the history of aviation. A visit to the Cosmonauts Training Center in Star City and to the zero gravity lab (mounted in an Iluyshin-76) will give you a chance to cast a glance into its future.

The prices and conditions of participation in this program you can look here.