North Pole Adventures

The main program of visiting of the North Pole

For all and everyone without exception.
No restrictions by age, health or level of preparation.

The starting point is Moscow. You leave Moscow for the North by a charter or regular flight. The following cities can be intermediate points of our trip: Murmansk, Archangelsk, Vorkuta, Norilsk, Khatanga; archipelagoes: the Northern Land or the Franz Joseph Land. The concrete route for each group is to be chosen by the organizers after taking into account conditions and other circumstances. The type of planes and helicopters to be used for airlifting is also determined by the organizers proceeding from the amount of people in each group.

On the way to the North Pole we can't miss the ice base located approximately 100 km off the North Pole. The base is well supplied with warm tents, foodstuffs and fuel to heat the tents.

making pictures with Santa in the Norht Pole Ideally, you are flown to the North Pole by Mi-8 helicopters within 30 minutes after arrival at the ice base and after staying for 2-4 hours in the North Pole the group is taken back to the ice base, boards the plane and leaves for the continent without a delay. However it often happens that you should wait for several hours before leaving for the continent. In this case you'll be comfortably accommodated in warm tents and be treated with hot meal, tea, coffee...

Some more details on the time you stay directly in the North Pole. Your group numbers from 10 to 40 persons. After arrival at the Pole your main task is to be photographed hugging the terrestrial axis. Our support group will locate the exact North Pole point using a sattelite device GPS and install the axis there and national flags of all countries-participants in the program. A festive table will be made to celebrate the occasion. You'll be served with vodka, champagne, sandwiches, vegetables and fruits.

Everything except vodka freezes quickly therefore the toasts should be short. After landing in the Pole the helicopters will switch off the engines to allow you to plunge into the silence of the white desert if a howling wind does not force you to tighten your hood.

flags in the North PoleYou'll be briefed on safety rules before leaving for the Pole. Please do not neglect them.

After returning to the civilization a festive banquet is to be arranged where you'll be given a certificate confirming your visit to the North Pole. You will surely put it on display in the most conspicuous place in your house. The certificate will be a subject of your lawful pride before your friends and relatives.

The prices and conditions of participation in this program you can look here.