North Pole Adventures

Ski crossing along the route 89°N - the North Pole

Your ambitions won't be satisfied if you are simply flown to the Pole by helicopter to take some pictures and have a glass of champagne. Bravo!!!

It is entirely up to you to experience the most emotional part of your North Pole trip i.e. to ski the last degree -111 km - stepping into the ski prints left by the legendary explorers! You'll see the same landscapes. The same wind will push you forward or on the contrary will hamper you movement toward the cherished goal. The same ice hummocks will block your way and you will negotiate them. The drift of ice fields will bring to nothing the whole day of your tremendous efforts to move forward... But at the end of the day you'll reach the top of the planet regardless of all obstacles!

Ski crossing to the North Pole

We suppose you have warm clothes, tents, skis, sleds, food, fuel, stove, radio station, and two weeks of free time. Then you are ready. If you need an experienced guide it is not a problem.

We recommend you to start your trip not later than April 15-18. We'll take you from Moscow to the ice base. We advise you to stay there 1-2 days to check the equipment and to have a bit of training. We'll bring you by a helicopter to the starting point in the latitude of 89 degrees N and in 5-7 days meet you in the North Pole.

Please decide beforehand if you bring your own support group or you want us to prepare this group for you. The support group consists of a doctor and radio operator who stay in the ice base and control your movements along the route. Quite possibly you have friends or girlfriends who wish to spend a few days in the ice base in order to meet you in the Pole.

Ski crossing along the route: the Arctic Cape - the North Pole

Ski crossing to the North Pole

The given route is the most popular one among sporting expeditions that venture to conquer the North Pole. Every year in the end of February or beginning of March one or more groups of skiers start from the Arctic Cape attempting to reach the North Pole in the most extreme and heroic way.

There are two "styles" of passing this route. One is "autonomous" when the group is not re-supplied throughout the whole trip. Another one is more "merciful" when the skiers initially carry with you only a limited stock of food and fuel and the rest is delivered to them by helicopters or parachuted from an aircraft when a need arises.

We have no doubts that travelers undertaking an adventure of this kind possess sufficient information on previous experience and are properly equipped and supplied. But if the idea to really conquer the North Pole flashed across your mind right now we are ready to consult you on how to prepare for the trip, what equipment to select and so on. One or more experienced Russian guides can be included in your group.

As a rule our task in organization of this program consists of getting all appropriate permissions and providing aviation support. The aviation support includes delivery to the starting point, airlifting of supplies to some intermediate points on the route, evacuation from the final destination i.e. from the North Pole, search and rescue operations in case of emergency.

It seems to be reasonable before undertaking this adventure to take part in an easier program - ski crossing along the route 89°N - the North Pole, for instance. Or to travel only the second half of the route starting from latitude 85-86°N that gives a good opportunity to test the equipment and acquire the necessary experience.

This program is the most difficult one for the participants and the easiest one to provide air support for. Technically any polar airlines can support this program but we are sure that our proposal looks more attractive taking into consideration our experience, reliability, cost and diversity of our activities in the Arctic region in this time of the year.

The transarctic ski crossing via the North Pole has been already done. If you are interested we can support such trip. Our responsibility zone spreads as far as 87°N in the direction of Canada.

The prices and conditions of participation in this program you can look here.