North Pole Adventures

North Pole Skydiving

North Pole skydiving - just before jumpFor those who can skydive. Those who can't are offered to make a tandem jump together with an experienced instructor.

Skydivers are pioneers of massive tourist movement in the North Pole. International parachute expeditions to the North Pole have been held since 1991. Next expedition is to be held in next April. Don't miss it!

There are practically no restrictions for skydiving in the North Pole. If you are an experienced skydiver you can jump solo. If not then our experienced specially trained tandem master will fasten you to himself and deliver you to the North Pole safe and sound.

North Pole skydivingEither Iluyshin-76 or Antonov-26 aircraft will be used for the drop depending on the number of people participating in the parachute program. We lay great hopes that the amount of skydivers and tandem passengers will allow us to execute the most beautiful version of the program: Iluyshin-76 takes off in Moscow and after a five hour flight we put on parachutes and exit the plane exactly over the Pole. We'll stay several hours in the North Pole, then we'll be taken by MI-8 helicopters to the ice base from where we'll take a plane to the continent.

The whole trip will take from three to six days. However a longer duration is possible due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Please read the main program of visiting of the North Pole. The parachute program is actually the same plus more comfort and dynamism. If you've got to this page just out of curiosity after visiting our main page think this fact over. May be you've got here not by chance. May be the very destiny offers you this way of getting to the North Pole?

The prices and conditions of participation in the North Pole Parachute Expedition you can look here.