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In the beginning of April, approximately 100 km off the North Pole personnel of the Russian polar aviation, having more than a 40 year experience of this kind of work, will build an ice base capable of accepting Antonov's An-12, An-26, An-74 aircraft and the largest and the most powerful helicopter in the world Mi-26. The tent camp set on the ice base will accommodate more than 100 people at the same time. Special tents set in the camp were used by scientific drifting stations for many years and proved very reliable.

There will always be two Mi-8 helicopters in the ice base ready to provide for airlifting of tourists from the ice base to the North Pole. The availability of the helicopters also ensures additional safety for all inhabitants of the camp.

The ice base will be built by the order of "The North Pole Adventures" to support more than 10 programs aimed at visiting of the North Pole and to be carried out in next April. We invite you to take part in one of our programs. You may also order your personal program.

Each program defines the time it is supposed to take but we must warn you that you must be prepared to stay a few days in the ice base even if it is not envisaged in the program. Weather in the Arctic region is very changeable. The same refers to any other point in your itinerary.

Having arrived at the ice base the travelers are flown by MI-8 helicopters to the North Pole. You should bear in mind that ice fields drift at the speed of several km per hour. So every group will find the North Pole in a "different" place. GPS will help us to locate the exact point to install the terrestrial axis there. You'll have several hours at your disposal to drink champagne, take pictures, make a call to your friends and to roam amid nearby ice walls.

Having returned to the ice base you can warm yourself in a tent if you have to wait for a return flight. But sitting in a tent is just wasting your time. No one knows when you come here again. So keep a few spare films for this case. There can be picturesque landscapes around and you'll have something to boast of to your less frost resistant friends. You'll have plenty of time for rest and sleep during the flight back.

We started describing your trip right from its middle because this part of adventure does not depend on the route you take to reach the North Pole. The most traditional route is Moscow-Khatanga-the Sredny island-the ice base-the North Pole and back. However we have worked out other routes allowing us to be less weather dependant.

The route for each group is to be chosen by the organizers, i.e. by us. Possible options: via Moscow-Murmansk; via Moscow-Vorkuta; via Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. We'll try to take into consideration all your wishes regarding the route to enable you to visit different cities, make tours but we emphasize that the main goal of our trip is to reach the North Pole.

Starting form this year we are launching the program "The Weekend in the North Pole". We would like to give opportunity to those who are unwilling to visit Russia or have not enough free time to make a sort of blitz-trip - to visit the North Pole over a weekend. For this we have worked out a route via Spitsbergen.

Usually our trip through Moscow lasts five days. In this case a Parisian provided the regular flights schedule is favorable can have breakfast at home, lunch in Longire, dinner in the Pole and to be back home next morning. And for residents of Franfkurt this is almost guaranteed!

Familiarize yourself with our programs, make your choice, and welcome to the wonderful polar world, kingdom of ice and snow, cold and infinity!

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