North Pole Adventures

The All European Polar Weekend

North Pole

Attention everybody!
No restrictions by age, health and so on. The program is for Europeans but people from other parts of the world are welcome.

We`ll meet with you at last April weekend, at Friday night, in the largest European airport in Frankfurt.

At 9:00 o'clock in the Saturday morning our aircraft leaves Frankfurt for Oslo. After refuelling in Oslo the plane proceeds to Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen.

In Longyear City you'll have lunch and several hours of rest in a local hotel before the plane takes you to the sky again. The next landing will be in the heart of the Arctic Ocean on an ice runaway.

It is only a half an hour flight by a Mi-8 helicopter from the ice base to the geographic point of the North Pole. Many people spent months, years and even lives to reach this place and you dined at home just yesterday!

While you are taking pictures and videos of yourself with the terrestrial axis in the background we'll make a festive table. If you have some peculiar requirements to the menu please let us know in advance and we'll try to satisfy your taste. Warning! At minus 25 Celsius everything freezes quickly.

You will stay in the North Pole just several hours. It is enough to remember them for the rest of your life. The plane will be waiting for you in the ice base ready to take you from this wonderful silent ice desert back to the civilization. Hurry up please. You should be in your office on Monday morning. By the way, leaving your job on Friday evening warn your boss that you might be late as the Arctic weather is rather changeable and not necessarily for the better.

kiss on the North Pole You'll be back in Frankfurt at Sunday night. Now it depends only on regular flights schedule where you will stay overnight. If you have some time before your departure from Frankfurt have your films developed in the nearest Kodak lab so that you arrive home with an illustrated report of your trip.

Read the agreement carefully. If you have some questions look into here.

The cost of participation in "The All European Polar Weekend" includes all flights Frankfurt - the North Pole - Frankfurt; meals and accommodation en route from the Sunday evening till your return to Frankfurt.